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To be continued?

I’ve been doing quite a bit of reading in the past few weeks, tackling newer children’s fiction, in particular. And as I’ve read, I’ve come across a surprising number of books that end with a “to be continued,” forcing the reader who wants to find out how the story ends to buy the next book […]


In returning to writing, one of my first projects has been trying to unlearn some of the training that my years in journalism school and in newspapers pounded into my head. I’ve spent so much time giving priority to the sparse sentence and to the complete absence of unnecessary description (not to mention the limited […]

A prologue of sorts

Recently, I decided to start writing again. To some degree, I suppose, I’ve never stopped writing. I write for my business, I write letters to friends, I write the occasional grocery list and the everyday to-do list. But recently, I decided to start writing with purpose again. And since, for some reason, I’ve owned this […]