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Muddling Through

Writing has been a little bit of a challenge the past few days. After some (wonderful) out-of-town visitors and a few days of a constant headache, I’m struggling to get back into my regular routine. As a result, the words just aren’t flowing the way I wish they would. I’ve been writing a little every […]

Worth the reward

Working for yourself can be a lonely, frustrating endeavor. There are no coffee break chats with coworkers — you drink your coffee alone, watching the squirrel who is always wandering onto your porch. You cannot lure people to your desk with home-baked cookies — the cookies just sit there, calling to you from the kitchen […]

Clearing the BIMRI hurdle

I’m starting a new work in progress this week. This project has been exciting me for a few months, and I’ve got a zippy rough plot sketched out and some intriguing research well underway. I dream up scenes for this story while I’m doing dishes, and I’ve been itching to get it down on paper. […]