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One month down

This is my view today, almost one month into 2013. The flowers were my reward for reaching my latest writing goal, and behind them you can see a few pages from a draft that I’ve been revising. Today, everything feels slow–the words come slowly, it takes extra-long for the teapot to whistle, I plod from […]

Characters lurk in your high school yearbook

Sometimes, inspiration sneaks up on you. Yesterday, I was feeling creatively drained and was avoiding editing the manuscript that is sitting on my desk. Naturally, I wound up on Facebook. This summer, my high school class will hold its 10-year reunion, and someone has created a Facebook page to brainstorm event ideas and keep alums […]

Satisfy a craving…and invite in the muse

Some days, you really need a cookie. Baking has long been a go-to source of therapy for me. When I’m stressed, or frustrated, or even if I’ve hit a writing wall, whipping up a batch of cookies seems to do the trick. It’s a dangerous habit, though. All I wanted was a little mindless time […]

The perseverance of squirrels

Crazy squirrels cavort in my front yard. To be fair, I’ve never heard a squirrel described as anything but nuts, if you’ll forgive the bad pun. But you’ll have to take my word for it when I tell you that these squirrels are particularly crazy. I spend an inordinate amount of time watching their antics. […]